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Interview Tips

Before the Interview:

Do your research on the Company: Websites are the best way to get insight into a company. If the company is publicly traded you will be able to review their SEC filings as well as their financials on their invester relations page.

Review the position description in detail:  See if you can get a full job description from the Recruiter or hiring manager if possible to review before the interview.

Review your resume in detail. Know your resume inside in out... it is your resume that generated the interview in the first place.  Be prepared to be asked questions about the responsibilities and accomplishments listed on your resume.  Also, compare your resume to the job description and match up your experience with the duties listed on the description.  This will be beneficial so you can map out how your skill set will be a match for what the hiring manager is looking for.

During the interview:

Attitude is everything:  Be positive and enthusiastic from the start and let the interview play out and see what happens. 

Ask questions:  This is a chance for you to interview the hiring manager to find out more about the position.  I suggest putting a list of questions the night before. These questions should revolve around the Company, the position and long-term opportunity.  One thing never ask about during the first interview is MONEY!!

Sell yourself but don't oversell or undersell yourself:  It is easy to elaborate about your strengths but be prepared to be asked what your weaknesses are.  This is hard for some people and it is a no win question.  I would suggest giving an example of a weakness that you have overcome already. For example:  last year your Excel skills were weak, since then took a night class and now you are considered an expert.

Closing the interview:

Thank the hiring manager for their time.

Ask if they have any follow up questions. Don't be afraid to ask if there are any concerns about your ability to step into the roll.

If interested make sure to express your interest in the opportunity.

End the interview with a firm handshake.

Following the interview:

Send a thank you note either in the mail or via email to all the people you met with.  Make sure that you do not send the exact same note to all recipients... they do compare notes so to speak! 

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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